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    See this often on the widget. Surely the widget should always display the last successful retrieval rather than this?


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    @mcgon I'm not 100% sure but I believe on my phone (Samsung S8) "Power Saving" mode prevents widget to download data.

    One option is to customize power saving and switch "Background network usage" on.

    Another is to go to Settings > Apps > Windy > Mobile data and turn on both: "Allow background data" and "Allow app while Data saver on"

    I'm not sure if it will help in your case, but I see you have "Do not disturb" on and maybe it also interfere with data download.

    I completely agree widget should display last available data not this massage when it cannot contact server.


  • Hi @ArekS , thanks for your informative commentary! I have the same experience with my Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) – the widget is indeed working better & retreveing data when I turn off the 'Saving Mode' on my phone.

    Here is a topic that I've set up to collect all information about widget problems: on.windy.com/AndroidWidget

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