API Integration to iOS app

  • Dear Windy Team,
    We would like to use your API in our iOS app to be developed.
    Our app will be for locals and surfers of an island in Aegean Sea ( Imbros).
    We are going to provide helpful information about the island in the app and we would also like to provide weather information such as wind and temperature levels for current time.
    In the case of granted permission, we would like to know how to integrate API to our app.
    Thank you.

  • administrators

    As long as logo will be clickable and we see by referrals that people are going from your app to Windy.com we are fine.

  • Dear Ivo,
    I generated the map and got my url address.
    However, there is a problem such that I can't see the wind particles or overlays within the app.
    As I mentioned before it is an iOS app and I am using a webview to present the map.
    Do you have any suggestions or solutions to this problem?
    Thank you.

  • administrators

    @gsoykan Wait for v1300+ of client codes foxes the bug

  • @ivo said in API Integration to iOS app:

    able and we see by referrals that people are going

    Deae Ivo,
    Thank you for making this point clear.
    However, is it possible for you to give information about the release date?
    Thank you.

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