Snow and rain accumulations in other models are here

  • Administrator

    What is new in v13.06

    • Rain & snow accumulations are supported by other models!
    • Pressure isolines are supported by other models
    • Faster start-up (especially on mobile)
    • Button for Fullscreen mode
    • New sexy info page containing reference and update times



  • Moderator

    Really nice, thumbs up

    One bug, different isolines in icon model are selectable, but nothing happens. ECMWF works fine
    Update : geopot high isolines in ECMWF didn't work either

  • Moderator

    One other thing I can't explain
    ICON model, see snow accumulated layer for Berlin next 5 days, 0.1 cm (=1mm)

    And here forecast for Berlin, look at new snow values for next days

    Huge difference... Hmmm 🤤

    ECMWF is fine..

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