• Hello,
    I am looking for forecasts near Taczalin (Poland, near Legnica). There is a wind farm 100 m of height.
    What are your metering points near this area ? Do you use are any mode uses the anemometers on wind turbines ?
    Is it possible to get 1 hourly dimension of forecasts because now as i can see there is only 3 hourly dimension available ?
    If we have period 0:00-3:00 it means 0:00 - 0:59 and 1:00 - 1:59 and 2:00 - 2:59 ? Am i right in general ?
    Thank you in advance for your feedback

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    @m-stankiewicz Hello, I can't say for sure which measuring points do our model providers use to create forecast analysis. However, it is very likely that they contain all WMO stations. To see the area around Legnica, open this link https://www.windy.com/?51.137,16.492,9,m:e4qagCl,a:Uw1FF,p:off and then in lower right corner click on the "Reported wind" icon. You'll see points that display nearby measuring stations (wmo stations, airports and others) and their latest measurements. Hover over them to see detailed info (e.g. measurement time, name and type of the station, etc.). Like this:

    Regarding 1 hour forecast steps, currently only ICON-EU model from DWD supports that so I recommend you use that, it is also quite accurate. Other models (ecmwf, gfs, nems) use 3 hour steps.

  • @dzuremar hi ! thank you for your reply. But if u expand forecast also with ICON model fot example for Taczalin city then there is still 3 hours dimension. for example wind forecast looks like:
    Hour wind
    0 12,1 m/s
    3 10,1 m/s
    6 10,5 m/s
    But im mostly interested what happens during these 3 hours time, what wind forecasts looks like
    for 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 and so on. Is it possible to get it somewhere from windy.com ?
    Thank you !

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    @dzuremar Icon has 1 hour steps..thats for sure.. Problem is, that ICOM in Windy (Basic Data and Meteogram) has 3 h steps only..

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    @m-stankiewicz Ah, yes, you are right :/ the detailed forecast supports only 3 hour steps, even for ICON-EU.
    Currently, the only way to view 1 hour steps for ICON-EU is like this:

    1. Select required layer on a map (e.g., wind, temperature, etc)
    2. Select ICON-EU model
    3. Select required point on the map, for which you want forecast
    4. Move the horizontal slider slowly to make 1 hour steps and check the values displayed on the selected point.
      Or as alternative which is probably much more easy - click Left or Right arrows on your keyboard to make 1 hour steps (if you had ECMWF model on, the keys presses would trigger 3 hour steps)


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    @m-stankiewicz Also note, that the times on the horizontal slider are your local times (CET, if you are in Poland). Not UTC.

  • Great ! for now its ok :) i will use it on daily basis to check how does it work.
    Thank you once again!

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