Geopotential height

  • Hello,
    The menu contains only Geopot. height as isolines . The map shows only the isolines . I hope that Geopotential height appears on the map with colors and isolines as pressure , temperature and freezing altitude .
    Thank you very much ,

  • Moderator

    the menu contains also pressure, temperature and frz alt isolines.
    Press "more layers" and then select the desired isoline

  • Moderator

    ... sorry!
    I read it again and now I understand that you mean "windy provides gph only as isolines and not with colors (as for wind, temp. etc)".
    Hope the developers will include this in a future version.

    btw, what the usefulness of showing gph in color instead of isolines (with wind background) ?

  • @meteo-gr
    Showing gph with isolines and colors allows us to know the value of Geopotential height of different layers (500hpa , 700hpa , etc) for specific place more accurately and more easily by clicking the mouse on the map of this place and then a numerical value will appear.
    Thank you very much.

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