Freezing altitude over mountains

  • Please confirm if freezing level is stated as:

    A) elevation above the ground at that spot


    B) elevation above sea level.

    Look at Mt Fuji in Japan, for example. It is directly next to the ocean, yet Freezing Altitude changes considerably depending on if you click on the summit, or the nearby ocean. Yet it should be the same for very similar Lat/Long location.

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    @dmn It should be the freezing level above the ground level that is estimated by the model.

  • Sailor Moderator

    I have observed the same problem over the Alps mountains. If for Windy, the level of isotherm 0°C is the vertical distance from the soil, the value does not correspond to the usual definition of isotherm 0°C which is an altitude, i.e. the vertical distance from MSL.

  • A) elevacion sobre el suelo en ese punto

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    I had the same question e.g. about cloud base, about whether it is cloud over the high ground, or cloud above sea level. Height above sea level would be more useful information for estimating what's going on...

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