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  • Hi, I've been following a boat's SPOT around the Caribbean this past week. Then I like to check out the wind conditions on Windy. Most of the islands in the Caribbean don't have their country name, only a city or town name. For Example Antigua shows up as St. John. I've had a lot of trouble identifying the other islands as I am not that familiar with them. Would it be possible to add the country names on islands, like Guadeloupe, Martinique, Tortola, etc.? Thanks. I love your site, it's very cool.

  • My name: Ly Son Island

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  • @tomber42
    I think the problem mentioned by CameronEros, is a bug.
    The name "Antigua" is ONLY shown in zoom level 12.
    In any other zoom level, the island is named St. John.
    I think country names must be visible in low zoom (zoom-out mode)
    and city names as you zoom-in.

  • meteo GR is right, at one certain zoom point the country name appears, very zoomed in. If you want to look at several islands at once you are stuck with town and city names. I'd rather see country names when zoomed out, then town names as you zoom in for more detail. Oh well, looks like Windy uses someone else's maps and it's probably the way they want it. Thanks for the feedback.

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