Windy won't store more than 2 layers on the main UI

  • Hello, I want to have on my main page Wind, Temperature and Humidity. But for some reason, only Wind and Temperature are stored by default and Humidity is always hidden. I have to go to the menu and click it every time for it to reappear. I have the same issue on the iOS app. Is there anyway to have these 3 layers always on screen? Thank you

  • Moderator

    @deusnovus no, works as designed. There are main and sub layer, you could only store main layer in the UI, sub layers are reachable through their main layers

  • Hmmm, maybe I didn't explain it very well... Even though I have Humidity clicked to appear on the quick menu, it's always hidden. Here are some pictures: 1_1515760943624_2.png 0_1515760943624_1.png

    Is it designed like that by default? That's very bizarre, not being able to add more options on the quick menu.

  • Sailor

    As Tomber 42 explains, Humidity is a sublayer of Temperature. So to see Humidity in the quick menu, you need to click first to Temperature. It’s the same for Gust, need to click on Wind, or Visibility, need to click on Cloud....

  • @idefix37 Oh, I understand! Thank you so much, you're both very kind!

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