• I have ticked webcam locations to show on the weather maps by mistake and now i cant remove them. Can you tell me how its done?

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    @carlosfandango Sure, that is quite easy.

    If using desktop desktop, simply click on a different pois (points of interest) icon. Your favorites are selected by default (the star icon on the far left):

    If using mobile, first click on the icon with three vertical dots (1.) and the rest is the same (2.):

    Also try out other pois as well ;) (e.g., spots, airports, wmo stations and their currently reported wind/temperature, etc.)

  • @carlosfandango

    I had problems with this as well! You can’t click to ‘select’ then simply click again to ‘deselect’ the webcam, you have to choose at least one of the other options from Favorites down to ...webcams. So, if you don’t want webcams any more, and you don’t want any of the others, best to select ‘favorites’ and voila

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