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    Hello Windy Community!

    I can't find a good way to check the NAM forecast hour by hour.
    When you open the detailed forecast for a location, you get the forecast by blocks of 3 hours (3am, 6am, 12pm, 3pm, etc). This is fine for the ECMWF forecast which only has wind forecast every 3 hours anyways, but for the NAM which has a forecast for each hour, it would be nice to be able to actually see the hour by hour forecast in the detailed forecast panel.

    The only way I have to check the NAM forecast hour by hour is to pin a location on the map and look at the little number that shows the wind next to the selected location on the map. And then click on the time line to try to change the time forward or backward by one hour (not always easy to do that). Or click play to start the time and then try to pause it everytime the hour changes... super annoying (and once again... not always easy to do that; you can get a lag and then you accidentally click pause after 2 hours went by...)

    My suggestions:
    The best would be, for the NAM forecast, in the detailed forecast for a location, to show the forecast hour by hour.
    An other good option would be to add a button that you can click that allows you to move 1 hour forward or backward on the time line.

    Either of these would be great!



  • On computer use arrow keys for 1hour movements.

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    That works. Thanks!

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