• I have tried everything to get F° but windy stays as Celsius even though setting is set to F°.

    Shortened version of this link: on.windy.com/CelsiusFahrenheit

  • Moderator

    @stowler1 I'm not sure what the problem is because I can switch between F and C on all my devices perfectly fine. Can you please help us out by checking your error console to see if anything is picked up? On the main Windy page, click on the menu button in the upper left-hand corner, then clicking on tools/menu, then click on error console. If there are any errors in there can you please either copy and past them here or take a screenshot and post them here so the devs can analyze it.

  • I am sure someone must have told you this before but have you registered account and after changing the units hitting Save button. Everything works fine for me aswell

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