Australian BOM Radar Data Images

  • I have a feature request. The Australia BoM provides their radar images and other data for non comercial use here:

    Is it possible that the radar images (and other data) could be incorporated similar to the USA, South Korea, PR, etc?

  • @andyhoofit
    Andy, I use multiple apps to ensure data accuracy and prefer to use BOM itself or weatherzone along with other apps. I do not need this app to complicate things. They are awesome at wind maps. The others already cover this. I find the more an app tries to do the more interpretation and less raw data is the result. I like the raw data to make my own conclusions

  • Hi Mezza, already has the "Weather Radar" feature, scroll to the bottom of the Show/add more layers menu It's the 2nd from the bottom on a computer web browser.

    I doesn't include Australia and depending on copyright, etc the raw (BOM) images are available to the public/non-commercial use.

    Don't you think this would be useful? It wont restrict your research/data accuracy in any way.

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