pressure display + different wind elevations

  • Hi! just looking for a feature that used to be available and that I cannot seem to be able to use now.

    It used to be possible to set the elevation for the wind display, then switch to the pressure display, and preserve the wind elevation for the animation.

    This is still reflected in the address bar, where if you set e.g. 400hPa for the wind display, then switch over to pressure, you get,pressure
    However, the wind animation is displaying surface winds.

    Does anyone have any advice?

  • Moderator

    Try press wind, and then move the slider to the desired altitude

  • Moderator

    ... so, you have the upper air winds and the surface pressure (isolines).

    Is not possible to have the wind field in colour and pressure in colour also.

  • Thanks for answering!

    So the thing that used to be possible was to have pressure in color and wind at a specific altitude displayed with the animated wind lines, not in a color field. This is cool to visualize the interaction of the jet stream with the different pressure zones.

    Regarding the isolines, this also kind of would work but the isolines are not available in the 3D view.

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