SOLVED Windy for iOS constantly logging off

  • Hi everybody!

    I would like to attract everyone’s attention to the issue I am having with Windy for iOS running on iPhone7/iPad Air2 iOS 11.2.5

    It happens too often when I quit the app while logged in, and wait for some time and then open, it does not show my last, default or saved location, but instead some “generic location”.

    This is because it is logged off while the app was offline and it does not log on automatically. Even worse - it seems to not remember my credentials so I have to remeber them on my own or look on the pass list...

    The more I wait between sessions (when the app is off) the more probable it becomes that the app will start in logged off mode. But if I launch it immediately after or soon after I closed it, it mostly starts logged on.

    I would like to set it once and for all times, enter the password and have it always run logged on unless I choose “log off” button or link.

    Please post here if you have the same issue!

    Thank you!

  • @alevtinashgl no problem on my mac

  • Administrator

    @alevtinashgl will check

  • Administrator

    I would like to confirm that I had also the same issue surprisingly on Safari on Mac. We will investigate it more. Please hold on.

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