Windy version 14 brings sharper map and better colors

  • NASA/ NOAA temperature data on Antarctica is not accurate - ice is rapidly melting due to heat from underwater volcanoes - but colors are awesome.

  • Hello I want to thank you for a wonderful weather in the market 4 SURE!!!..the user interface is remarkable and the features are succinct and truly remarkable! I love it ...except...

    However the usability of the UI has one flaw: the animation timeline at the bottom once it's collapsed it is incredibly difficult to figure out how to expand it again! I collapse it once and then when I go back to the application three or four weeks later I forget how I am supposed to expand....I then waste so much time trying to figure out just how to expand that little animation slider!

    .... Normally expand collapse accordion parts of a UI implementation have a button or similar bread crumb type of interface control to allow for the expand and collapse...can u add one or is there one?

    Again your app is wonderful however it is utterly frustrating trying to figure out how to Simply expand that time line at the bottom.
    Can you implement a simple feature that has a visual indication of how to expand that timeline at the bottom?

  • Thank you so much for working so hard! This is, no doubt, the best app in weather prediction! Check it every day...

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    Thanks again!
    You really are doing nice job. Very special thanks for the precipitation type.
    The most I like, that everyone can adjust and create their own color pallets.

    I wonder would it someday be possible to adjust own isobar settings. As a meteorologist I'm not use to 2 mb settings and would have 5 mb interval in bigger maps and 1 mb interval in more detailed maps. I also don't see any sense for colored isobars. Because it possible to use colored field for pressure and in practice there can be local low pressure in 1020 hPa and ridge of high in 990 etc. But of course I understand that all the people have their own preference. That's why I'm suggesting adjustability.

    It would be also awesome to have possibility to use own color scheme in embedded versions. You advise me to use API version, but I don't know hove to do it :)

    I use now Windy in my own site, but noticed that animations don't show the forecast time in android mobile. In pc and tablet time label works perfect. Would this be also fixed by using API instead?

  • excellent creation , thanks a lot.

  • @ivo Sou motociclista de aventura e faço viagens longas a outros Países Sul Americanos e lugares inóspitos o Windy é minha ferramenta diária para o planejamento. Dos App que conheço é o mais seguro e rico em informações, parabens.

  • @ivo Really appreciate your forcasting tools thank you for your great work WestCoastCnd

  • Why reported wind is not working anymore?

    Anyway, my congratulations on the superb work you've been doing!

  • Weldon for great work


  • Good job

  • Me gusta, es muy actual.ejoren en video de los siguientes días, para que el programa sea perfecto.

  • OK!!! And beauty.

  • Really .. really we need you here in this part of the world in general and in S. Arabia in particular longing for accurate forecast ..
    The more you cover here in Albaha region and in Albaha city neighbourhoods the more your service will be appreciated..
    Here, even small distance makes a difference in the forecast most of the times .. rain fall differes even at a km away ..
    Now you showed Raghdan neighbourhood location on your map .. forecast intended for Raghdan . The possibility that I benefit from it is very low though my village is only about 7 km north of it in alGhanim village. If you can work for that ..
    We appreciate greatly the team work and we hope for the better .. more accuracy and more area coverage

  • ok.bel lavoro ragazzi in gamba

  • Rất tiện dụng và chính xác. Cám ơn các bạn.

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    @alimeshleh windy does not develop forecasts.. We visualize the available forecasts like ECMWF or GFS

  • Love guys! I'm a Flight Specialist in Canada and my primary role is briefing pilots about what weather to expect for their flight. The colour graphics and model selection make analysis so much easier than the black and white charts we used before.

    Keep up the great work! Love the app, too!


  • Votre application est une merveille de technologie météorologiques continuez dans la même direction car vous faites du très bon travail et surtout merci

  • Em bom Português, a todos muito obrigado por um trabalho excelente.

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