Velocidad de la reproducion de las animaciones

  • Deberia poderse establecer una velocidad en las animaciones o bien directamente relentizarlas. Va tan deprisa que no da tiempo actualizar los valores, de temperatura o el que tengas seleccionado, realmente no le da tiempo a refrescar los datos cuando ya ha cambiado de hora, esto induce a error pues los datos mostrados no son correctos.

    Muchas gracias.

  • Developers

    @marianin Hello, instead of animation - try pressing arrow keys (left or right) which moves the forecast by 3 hours (backward or forward) , that way you can move the forecast at your own pace. Or you can drag&drop the slider.

  • @dzuremar
    Nice tip ! (press arrow keys).
    What do you mean by "drag&drop the slider" ?

  • Developers

    @meteo-gr Hello there ! drag&drop is a widely known in computer jargon. It is a typical mouse "operation", where you usually copy/move files around in your PC, like this:

    1. press left button on your mouse over an file icon and hold it
    2. move it over the destination
    3. release the button

    but you can use the same thing to achieve other things intuitively. For example, it can be used to move the forecast time slider to a different location, as shown on this screenshot:
    It is definitely something you already use intuitively, I just wanted to clarify the exact meaning of drag&drop :)

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