Cloudbase in feet?

  • Hi all,
    I have the same problem, and don't seem to be able to switch it on my Android version. The graphic is a little different from the picture, I have seen it before but can't recall on which menu.

    Could you help?

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    I'm sorry but I do not have an Android nor iPhone. I exclusively use the web on my computer. If there is a 0_1519690449067_triple bars.png in the upper left corner, click that to get to your preferences. Maybe it is there. I just don't even know what phone app screens look like.

  • I understand, but I was trying to get it in get on the phone. I see that every once in a while it switches, apparently randomly. Two days ago I had flight rules, now I'm back to meters

    Can anyone who uses the app on a phone reply, please?

  • Hi @silviofornera and @DavidReckitt , I am having the same problem on Android 7.0 - "Cloud base" not possible to switch at all (fixed on flight rules), while "Cloud tops" really seems to be switching randomly (feet / metres), e.g. after restarting the app.

    @JimInSanDiego , on PC (for me: Mac OS with Google Chrome) both of these are working fine.

    We will investigate it and fix it. Thank you for patience! ~ Marie

  • @silviofornera Hi again, what Android version do you actually have on your phone? Thanks ~ Marie

  • I've got the same issue on Android 7.1.2 and IOS 11.2.6 on my iPad. Cloud base is in metres with no option to change to metres

  • Hi there @DavidReckitt @silviofornera @mariusz05 , so the thing is:

    You cannot change the Cloud base/tops directly on your app but you need to set it via desktop while being logged in both your computer and your app, and they will synchronise.

    Please also check this link:

    It is working for me, please try it and let me know if it is working for you. Thanks ~ Marie

  • Maybe it can be changed in desktop but there is no apparent reason why tops and bases should default to different units!

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    The mobile version do not have cloudbase metric settings.

    On desktop users can click on legend.

    Then the metric is synchronized to mobile phones.

  • Would really like to have cloud base in feet on iPad

  • The iPhone and iPad apps show cloud base in meters since a fairly recent update. No way to change it tried everything including settings from computer. Using a browser on PC or mobile device it shows in feet. Would love to have that fixed on the apps! We don’t use meters in aviation.

  • Hi @glutkitz, it must be working, we have just tested it again. Have you re-opened / restarted your app after setting up your preferred units (again, which is done via the legend on desktop) ?

  • I can't get the Windy Android app to display cloud base in feet or visibility in statute miles, despite having configured this on the Web.

    I've attempted to restart the Windy app (force quit) to no avail.

  • @marienka This is still an issue. I can set the units for Cloud Base to feet on the desktop web version [Windows 10 / Firefox 62.0.3 (64bit)] while logged in. And while logged in on my Android version (9) it will always only show metres. I have tried relaunching the Android app and even flushing the Android cache but nothing changes. There are other layers in the App where the units can be changed, why not add this?

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