• Fr. Kiko's lesrning curve is a bit high.

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    @fr-kiko I agree, it took me some time to learn the meanings of all things Windy offers too ! Simply because I am not a pilot, sailor, kiter, or someone who often looks for a very specific weather conditions. Take your time and discover all the layers slowly. If you don't understand some technical terms or layers, google it and look for wikipedia articles (maybe some time in the future, we will add our own descriptions, but for now we can only refer to external sources). Slowly over time, you'll start to understand all the displayed data and layers !
    Also, handling the application itself and understanding all buttons, sliders and icons can be daunting at first ! But then, when you get accustomed to the applications all its corners, it becomes crystal clear ! Maybe one day we add some "first launch interactive tutorial", but that too is in "future plans" at the moment.

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