Wind colour scale needs to go higher (for jet stream)

  • In your wind charts the highest colour in the scale is for 100km/h, 60mph etc. That's too low, especially when looking at high altitudes and the jet stream where it's important to see the difference between 100km/h and 200km/h or higher. Could the scale be extended always, or extended when showing an altitude above surface?

  • Moderator

    @chis Scales can be changed in settings.

    Click on 0_1519108290029_triple bars.png in the upper left corner of the screen and choose Settings.
    0_1519108405644_Ckick on Settings.png
    Scroll down and the second to the last option is Modify Layer Colors. Click there to get the display of:
    0_1519108546463_Colored Overlays.png
    You can choose any item, change its value, change colors or add/remove items to customize nearly everything displayed on overlays. The graphic above shows feet but yours will display whichever display you have chosen. Have fun!

  • Fantastic thanks. Yet again, shows what a great product Windy is already!

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