Issue with "reported wind" on Pixel phone

  • I love your app and am amazed at the graphics and information available through it! I have a little problem with my phone though: When I touch the reported wind number to get the details and graphs from that specific weather station nothing happens. Works fine on two other tablets and on Win 10 PC. All other screen touch functions work correctly. My phone is a Google Pixel, with Android 8.0.0.

  • A little more info: When I access Windy using the Chrome browser on my Pixel phone I can touch one of the reported temperature links and it does open up the detailed info from that weather station. However, after hitting the back key (in the weather station link) further attempts at accessing the weather station links no longer work. If I back out of the site and reenter it, it once again works, but only once!! Accessing the links from the app itself does not work at all, as stated in my original post. I also have an Ellipsis 8 tablet (Verizon) that displays the same exact problem when accessing Windy using the Chrome browser. However, the app on the tablet works correctly. The tablet is running Android 7.0

    I installed Firefox on the tablet and my Pixel phone and the windy site accessed through Firefox both work correctly.

  • Hi @dagnabitboy , thanks for your message with all the info, it's really appreciated! Could you please also post a screenshot of your display and/or the Error console:
    Thank you! ~ Marie

  • @marienka Hi Marie, there were no errors shown in the error console, either for the app or windy in Chrome. In Chrome, where it works just once, if I even just touch the screen in a place that does nothing then the weather station links do not work. ![alt text](0_1519429589657_windyss.png image url) The image seems completely normal to me!

  • Hi @dagnabitboy , thanks for the documentation, I agree the pic looks alright. We will look into the issue and find a solution. ~ Marie

  • @dagnabitboy It should be working now. Could you please test it and let us know? ~ Marie

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