• I was wondering if the snowfall amounts that are given in the tabular format forecasts at the bottom of the screen and on the maps themselves default to a 10:1 snow/liquid ratio or are they variable given the temperature profile of the atmosphere at any given location and point in time. Thanks

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    @wxnut The snowfall amounts in the Meteograms are based on true snowfall amounts from the weather models themselves.

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    Models show 2 outputs, 10:1 and Kuchera (atmosphere based). Looks like currently Windy shows only the 10:1, is it possible to add the Kuchera rate, or even switch to it as Kuchera is much more accurate? I think this is what wxnut was asking as well.

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    Are you sure that ECMWF and ICON provide "Kuchera" ?
    May you provide us some scientific literature about "Kuchera" ?

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