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    I am developing an autonomous flight control program using the SDK in C. I have been testing with the drone in a large open grass field outdoors. It is very hard to let the drone complete the autonomous flight without manual interruption because of how much the thing drifts!

    It will sometimes drift very far (10+ meters) on takeoff and I have to manually bring it back to the start position, while other times it seems to hover around the area it took off fairly well. When I have the drone move in a straight line it will sometimes veer off to the right/left which I assume is due to the wind pushing it. Also, when yawing it does not hover over a single point but will tend to drift. All of this combined has been a huge headache for me and I have not been able to test consistently.

    Here is a list of my problems:
    -Drifts on take-off
    -Drifts to one side when moving forward/backward
    -Drifts when yawing
    -Drifts when hovering

    I believe the wind is a factor in all of this, although it has not been extremely windy on any of my test days. I also suspected that the bottom facing camera may not have enough resolution to find a spot to hover over in a grassy field, however when testing on a sidewalk I had the same problems on occasion.

    Has anyone noticed these issues? Is this a hardware issue? Can I do anything to correct this in the code? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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