• I'd like to use the embedded widget in my own site, but I 've notice I can't zoom the widget further than zoom level 11.

    Is there a special option for that ?

    The zoom is correct with the "https" version, not with the "iframe" widget version.


  • | Premium

    @frankychambers this is correct, the widget is zoomable only to level 11.

  • Why is the maximum set to 11 ? Can nothing be done to increase this one ?

  • In your demo on windy. Com i can zoom wonderful to detail and see the map then. This i need also, because we zoom from other map to a river in detail. So it can zoom, so question is now, how we include this map view like you do in demo. It help not much, if we see a demo and cant do the same, like you show in demo. Here was helpful to see the way how to dobthis. Thanks

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