Colorscale of temperature at 30 degC

  • Hello,

    it seems that after upgrade (??) there is a small problem with colorscale of temperature. There is a strong visual jump in colors at exactly 30℃ on the map. It seems that it does not correspond to color scale in the legend.

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    About legend: It seems that its sampling is not sufficient to capture rapid changes.
    About color gradient:
    This new gradient is divided in a few "subgradients" and contains two emphasized isotherms:
    Under 0: Freezing temperatures gradient
    0: Freezing point isotherm
    0-10: Cold temperatures gradient
    10-20: Calm temperatures gradient
    20-30: Warm temperatures gradient
    30: 30 degree isotherm
    Over 30: Hot temperatures gradient

    I agree that it is subjective and also tightly connected with celsius units, but I found it good for quick orientation, which is important in such visualization.
    Colors were selected to be suggestive. Cold/warm

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