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    Windy uses data from Open Street Maps for our base maps.

    What is on OSM, we use. If you think that something is not correct, please report it at www.openstreetmap.org or correct it.

    Also we are aware that there is a lot of wars and territorial disputes all over the world. Therefore companies like Google, Bing, Apple, and Yandex have a different version of its maps, and they present the "right maps" to the "right audience".

    We are focused on good weather product and we have absolutely no resources to present different maps to different countries.

    Please accept it.

    These are the disputed territories around the world:

    disputed territories

    Shortened version of this link: on.windy.com/DisputedTerritories

    UPDATE on Vietnamese map issue (9 Nov 2018)

    Please note, the label that we display on Windy was deleted from the OpenStreetMap database just yesterday (see the screenshot below).

    When we next generate labes to Windy (we can not guarantee when it will be), the change will take effect, unless some other OSM contributor makes a contradictory editing in the meantime.

    Also please note: For every language, a different label can be displayed. For example, in Vietnamese we show "Tam Sa", while in English it's "Sansha" – just according to the translation available on OSM.

    We hope this explanation has brought more light into the "wrong maps" issue. :)


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