Overview of units used on Windy

  • These are the layers for which it is not possible to change preferred units in the mobile app. Therefore the user must go from the mobile app to a desktop to switch between units that will be saved as preferred also in the app.

    # on Windy Layer Available units Dropdown in preferences Scale on map
    6 Rain accumulation mm, in no - does not change yes
    14 Freezing altitude ft, m no yes
    20 Cloud tops m, ft no yes
    21 Cloud base m, ft no yes
    29 Sea temperature C, F no yes
    30 Currents kt, ms, mph, kmh no yes
    35 Pressure hPa, inHg, mmHg no yes

    These are the layers that are missing imperial units:

    # on Windy Layer Available units Metric Imperial
    32 Dust mass ug/m3 yes no
    33 SO2 mass ug/m3 yes no

    Shortened version of this link: https://on.windy.com/Units

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    Tom this should be in diff category

  • @ivo are there plans so have other layers such as sea temperature read from preferences?

  • What's the right way of setting cloud base units to ft? Cannot find any option in settings -- it was in ft before and now I have it in meters suddenly and cannot find where to set it back. Have I missed some well-hidden configuration?

    I have managed to get metric_cbase="ft" pushed to the server from my desktop Chrome and get it pulled by the Android app in turn. So it should be sorted for me now, but don't tell me this is the only way how to do it! :-)

  • @ivo This is an overview of layers, in which is not possible to change units in a mobile app. You need to go to the desktop version and change it there.

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