Overview of units used on Windy

  • Those are layers, which is not possible to change in preferences. Therefore the user must go from a mobile app to a desktop to switch between the units on the app.

    # on Windy Layer Available units Dropdown in preferences Scale on map
    4 Rain accumulation mm, in no - does not change yes
    12 Freezing altitude ft, m no yes
    18 Cloud tops m, ft no yes
    19 Cloud base m, ft no yes
    27 Sea temperature C, F no yes
    29 Currents kt, ms, mph, kmh no yes
    35 Pressure hPa, inHg, mmHg no yes

    Those are layers which are missing imperial units:

    # on Windy Layer Available units Metric Imperial
    28 Sea temp. anomaly C yes no
    31 Dust mass ug/m3 yes no
    32 SO2 mass ug/m3 yes no

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