New Android app a huge step in wrong direction :(

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    I've been a fan of Windy since version 1. I am a paraglider pilot and use it to forecast flying conditions. I hate to complain about a free service but ...

    I had not updated the app for about 30 weeks, because I had seen the new version on other phones and hated it. I was finally forced to update because the detailed topo map would not load.

    Now I'm very sad. The updated interface is horrible! Can't just touch the map to get direction and speed, instead must pick from a pop-up menu. The altitude slider is gone, instead it is buried in the Wind map, which must be accessed first, then slide for altitude, then close. Before, the, slider was always there on the right for quick access. Now the layers menu is hidden two levels deep! Good grief!! This is bad, bad design. I'm baffled as to why anyone would prefer it.

    I will pay $100 for a version that works like the old one, with a functioning Topo map.

    If the next version is not better, can't we please have a "legacy GUI option"?

    The new version is really hard to use. Please, I'm begging.


  • I thought the same thing when the interface changed. But for me it was just a curiosity thing. Now since it's not easily accessible I just don't check the high elevation winds anymore. I do agree that the old interface was better.

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    I like the new gui

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