"Currents" layer not working

  • Hi - there are a few layers that do not work in the new API - for example "Currents" (under "Waves"). The resulting error (on js console) is:

    Uncaught (in promise) Failed to load tile

    Any news on this issue?

  • API developers

    bump. this is still an open issue, even with client v14.2.0 selected.

  • @fastseas Also having this issue with the sea surface temp anomalies overlay.

  • API developers

    @ArneSeib i've decided to start digging into the problem with the current/sst layer. My initial finding is that the api is trying to retrive the jpg using the wrong reftime syntax:

    This results in a 302/redirect to the correct reftime syntax, but with the wrong path (missing the www):

    This results in a 404... and then everything goes sideways...

    To fix this, we need the initial request to use the right reftime syntax.

  • API developers

    Or another possible fix...

    The request is:

    but the response is a relative redirect (without the www - which is the problem):
    location: /sst/latest/257w1/0/0/sstcombined.png?reftime=2018010400

    Maybe the redirect code can dynamically read the path of the request and use that in the redirect.

  • API developers

    Or maybe you guys are proxying https://mywindy.com/www to https://www.windy.com... and location headers in responses are not being rewritten properly by that proxy... a proxy config issue...

  • Moderator

    ??? ? @IVO

  • API developers

    probably not a durable work around, but I found I can get the sst, sst anomaly, and currents layers to work if I reach deep into the big W and change this url:

    W.products.sea.pathGenerator = 'https://www.windy.com/sst/latest/257w///{filename}.png';

    This overrides the the default value of {server}/sst/latest/257w///{filename}.png where server gets set to https://mywindy.com/www.

    This works around what I think is a web proxy configuration issue - described in my previous post - where "location" http response headers are not being rewritten properly (the url path is not treated properly). In this work around, I am just bypassing that web proxy.

  • API developers

    bump. @ivo, can someone take a look at this proxy config, from https://mywindy.com/www to https://www.windy.com ? Location headers need to be rewritten on responses - to include the /www path.

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