Using the Windy API without map

  • Hi, We're currently building a platform that also indexes kite, winsurf and wavesurf locations. Of course we also need weather data for that. Especially Temp, wind and wave data. We would love to use Windy for this.

    But we only need the number data, not the map. So only this data and from the wave tab.

    alt text

    Few questions:
    1: Can we use the API to only gather this data without the map and style it the way we like
    2: We will have 500+ spots, does the API allow us to request them all, or do we need to batch it? And can we update the data every 30 min?
    3: In the requirements you state that the Windy logo should be visible. But since we don't use the map, how do you see this? And would a tooltip be enough?

    Thanks a lot! Windy really looks awesome and the data is very accurate. Would be awesome to use it!

    Kind regards, Pim

  • @pimvd Hi, unfortunately we do not provide any data API. So the answer is you can not use Windy for such purpose. If you need raw data, you can e.g. download grib files from NOAA.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I'm still learning a lot about how to implement this.
    So I want to create a similar table as shown above, so therefore I need all possible wind and wave data. You refer to NOAA, is that the same place Windy gets it's data? And also, you say download... Thats not really the same as a API file right? We want to keep all the data up-to-date every 30 minutes.

    Do you (or maybe some one else on this forum) knows any alternatives for me to look into? Open weather maps does not have a lot of kite / surf spots. Windfinder only has a widget, not API, and Magic Sea Weed misses a lot of other data.

    The solution does not have to be a free API perse.

    Thanks a lot guys!


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    @pimvd German wheather service offers most of his data for free..but not as an API..only download;jsessionid=C7FA5582AADAC8D58147338FA6595388.live21074

  • Thanks @Tomber42, the data looks very useful. Although we really need an API.

  • @TZ @Tomber42 I see the API here:

    Can I use that to only show the number data, like shows in the picture above? So not raw data, but just your data without the map.

  • @pimvd Hi, as I said already, we are not allowed to provide you the "number data". If you need it, please use the original data source. If you want to use our API, you must include the logo. API 2.3 is deprecated, the development was stopped, so it is better to use

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