Love Windy? Hack Windy. Contributors Wanted

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    @jaffadog Basically what we need is use our Windy registered user and ask either for one time, or monthly donation.

  • hi Ivo

    I am founder of a niche-market weather website that I guess you already know. There is some competitive overlaps on our respective "weather" activity.
    But we share the vision of open-source and better information for every pilots and sport enthusiasts. I think that having a good sports database for everyone is more important that competition between two companies.

    We were already working with ParaglidingEarth founder to refactor the paragliding spots database.
    We will use OpenStreetMap as the database backend (because why do we need another new database ?)
    So all paragliding spots will be imported into OSM and ParaglidingEarth will serve as a simplified OSM editor and it will also store some metadata such as spots pictures.

    I think we have here a very good opportunity to initiate a "spots" movement into OSM. If we merge ParaglidingEarth and your kite spots into OSM, that will encourage people add more spots and more activities - not only PG and Kite.

    And, is there any database more legit that OSM for storing geographical POI ? ;)

    Want to join us in that project?

    (This is a real collaboration proposition. We are not seeking to profit from Windy's visibility)

  • @ivo I have some experience in C++, PHP, HTML5 and SQL. Just wanted to know how can I contribute.

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    @mtopara Hi. Send me email via PM I will send you kitespots database. Would be nice If you could make also kitespots database editor. The guy behind former SPLOC database did not want to share so there is really need to have Open Source kiting spots database.

    Which website do you work on?

  • @ivo What does “strict registration” mean?

  • @ivo Also, would work for you?

  • @ivo i sent you a chat message

  • API developers

    Hi @ivo - Stripe will accept payments from users anywhere - but they have a limited number of countries that you can register your business from, and the Czech Republic is not among them yet.

    It's the death and taxes conundrum. Maybe you need to do a road trip to Luxembourg ;)

  • Hi everyone,
    just wanted to drop by to tell you how much I appreciate the effort you put into Windy! Amazing site!
    I am a professional developer, but I'm currently not working in web development. If anyone opens a github project (or sth similar) about one of the topics, I'd be happy to try to contribute.

  • Are you still looking for a tzwhere replacement? I would like to build one in Rust binding to node using neon for maximum performance.

    I can use data from node-geo-tz as it seems to be regularly updated.

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