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    Windy community uses Markdown formatting.

    This is Header 1, use it # Text...

    This is Header 2, use it ## Text...

    This is Header 3, use ### Text...

    This is Header 4, use #### text...

    Also I have created few handful CSS for images, and you can apply then by changing ALT text of image. For instance this piece of code ![_center_shadow](...url of image...) will render like this


    Of course there is more Markdown offers:

    *This text will be italic*
    _This will also be italic_
    **This text will be bold**
    __This will also be bold__
    Unordered list
    * Item 1
    * Item 2
      * Item 2a
      * Item 2b
    Ordered list 
    1. Item 1
    1. Item 2
    1. Item 3
       1. Item 3a
       1. Item 3b


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    @ivo Also quite frequent:

    For clickable URL, use [TEXT](http://some.url)

    It seems that the http:// prefix is mandatory, keep that in mind ! Or simply, test the result in the "Preview" first when creating the post !

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