Crashing Android app - please HELP US GET MORE INFO

  • As we know from feedback, our application keeps crashing on some devices with Android OS.

    We are now investigating 1. on what devices this happens most often and 2. under what conditions this is happening.

    By percentage of occurrence, this should concern the following devices:

    • LG G6
    • LG G5
    • Galaxy S7 (Galaxy S7 Edge)
    • V20
    • Moto Z
    • Xperia XZ (Xperia XZs)
    • ZenFone 3 !!!
      ... and some others

    Please let us know if you can relate to this problem + give us more detailed info about the issues you have. Where relevant, please add a screenshot.

    Thank you!

    Shortened version of this link:

    Information for developers:

    Sony Xperia XZ (SO-01J), 3072MB RAM, Android 7.0

    pid: 0, tid: 0 >>> <<<

    #00 pc 000000000249c658 /data/app/
    #01 pc 000000000249c604 /data/app/

  • Love Windy

  • According to the Google Play console, recently also these models tend to be some of those crashing devices:

    • Xperia Z5 (Xperia Z5 Premium, Xperia Z5 Compact)

    • LG Leon 4G LTE

    • Blade L5

    • Aquaris X

    • P9 lite (P9 lite smart) !!!

    • ZenFone 2

    • Galaxy Note 8

    • Galaxy S6

    • P8 Lite

    • Honor 5A

    • LG G Pad 8.0 L Edition

    • TAB 2 A10 (Lenovo tablet)

    • astar-ibt (Everis tablet)

    However, of the users who complain and give us negative ratings, no one seems to be willing to come here and describe the issue in more detail.

  • Moderator

    Samsung S8 withy Android 8.0 crashes

  • Just had a crash on my Samsung Galaxy TabS3.
    Thanks for your efforts!

  • WileyFox Swift.
    App starts and works for a few seconds then grinds to a halt and completely locks the 'phone requiring a lot of pressing of the power button to get to the re-boot menu.
    What a shame as it appears to be a feature packed App.

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    "Aquaris X" with Android 7.1.1 works great.

    In contrast, "Google Pixel C" with Android 8.1.0 (Kernel 3.18.0-ge2c279d, Build-Nr. OPM4.171019.016.C1) crashes when a location is typed. The outline map Europe is shown for about 20 seconds, then crashes. The default location "Holzacker" was never used.

    Thanks for your effort.


  • Moto X - 1st version. Started with the last update. App started loading with missing tiles and now it loads, flashes and the screen goes black. At that point the only option is to close it.
    Android version 5.1
    HW version P30
    Kernel 3.4.42-gd5fa9d8

  • Can I get the older version of this app

  • Samsung Galaxy TAB S (SM-T800), Android 6.01

    Windy ALLWAYS freezes when I change to Radar and lightning view. 😣😥😣😥

  • LG V30, Android 7.1,2

    App always starts normally.

    You can use it for a few moments, than it crashes.

    The more you interact, the sooner it will crash.

    If I disable wind particle animation it will run a little longer.

    I'd love to see this bug fixed

    How can I help further to debug this?

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