Tidal opportunity

  • When I saw windy had tides I imagined you would show tidal patterns like ocean currents - and it would totally revolutionise our understanding about how tides interact with the moon, sun, and land masses. Showing tide stations like web cams is way, way below the mind blowing visualisation of Windy. I really hope you will come through for us soon.

  • There used to be an app that showed currents in the New England area and was using the arrow methods like those found in the tide books from Eldridge. As examples they were like this.
    That was a sailors dream!
    It was one of the single most valuable pieces of data you could ever want as a racer. Wind is forecastable but never a sure thing as local variations are always present. But the current is very predictable and repeatable. Knowing where the back eddies were at what time in the tide cycle could give you a massive advantage if you played the right in combination with observed and forecasted winds conditions together with the best favorable current.
    The day that app ended we all felt sick to our stomachs. Today we get a stupid arrow on Navionics showing current direction and velocity at a few (very few) stations. It’s almost useless accept in the big picture scheme. Instead we have to get out the Eldridge book and look through the pages, try to remember like uhmmm two hrs. after max ebb the current is still going in on the shore and turned already on the other shore....right? I can’t recall, go get the book out again!
    It sucks!
    If you guys were able to get that level of current information into your app it would be the holy grail!

  • Sailor Moderator

    Hey Guys, to leave you dreaming look at these videos
    Unfortunately it’s not free numerical tidal currents...

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