Addition of Fronts

  • @idefix37 You look like a smart guy when it comes to weather apps, but you´d get more attention if you refrained from using a somewhat mockery tone when replying to other users´notes . Jacquiel comment was very pertinent for GA pilots (like me), and although it is understood that one should NOT use Windy for flight planning, his question was perfectly legitimate. Thank you for enlightening us all with your weather app wisdom and forgive who has another set of skills.

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    Windy will not draw fronts in the maps because this is a manual process which a meteorologist have to do.

  • @Tomber42
    Another site has this. It is potentially in digital form (after someone has drawn it) and can thus be obtained. Perhaps some data trading is in order?

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    @AlanTheBeast said in Addition of Fronts:

    Another site has this. It is potentially in digital form (after someone has drawn it) and can thus be obtained. Perhaps some data trading is in order?

    Windy uses free open data only (except ECMWF and SAT Imaging)..

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    Yes by having a visualisation of temperature gradients mixed with moisture at each altitude. I don't think such visualisation is impossible to achieve/automate

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    Seems such visualisation is not possible automatically by weather models. Otherwise they would provide frontal boundaries drawings. May be this will be possible in a near future?

  • @idefix37 I too would like to see fronts - thus to be all to draw conclusions relate to the 'types' of clouds you see. And to draw parallels with traditional synoptic chart trading. eg. C.Nimbus == cold front. And to be able to access when it's arriving. If fronts are truly only generated by meteorologist's interpretations, then there is an algorithm or set of rules that they use. And so, these could also be translated into a graphical layer....
    Just because people in the past have not done it this way, it doesn't mean that the future techniques could be even better...

    So to correct your statement, it should have read, "Fronts have traditionally not been drawn by weather forecast models... but they certainly could be, once we were to create and implement the appropriate algorithms..."

  • @cyder Exactly. A very good idea! It would be a superb addition.

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    I would never say that !
    I know from a long experience that when you say « it could certainly be », people understand « it is to be implemented», and then ask « why it’s not yet done ».
    You may imagine what you would like and say that it would be a good idea. But apparently neither NOAA nor ECMWF have succeeded to implement this good idea with the appropriate algorithms.
    So please don’t correct my statement, I was just trying to explain why TODAY there is no possibility for Windy to show fronts. That’s all !

  • As a retired pilot, I recently discovered and the pilot weather app. I've always been a weather nut and run multiple weather widgets on my phone. The shortcoming of all of them is the lack of METAR and TAF info, which the Pilot app provides.

    I discovered this conversation when I couldn't find any frontal depictions on the site. And now I know why. So no worries there. Thanks for a great site!

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