SOLVED wind and swell direction display bug on android

  • Hi Windy team,

    There seems to be a bug with wind and swell directions display in waves tab in android app. İt's fine in the web version (including on mobile). Please see the screenshots.

    Thank you for an amazing service.


    0_1524058368435_Luxcalor_Swells_1_resized.jpg ... 0_1524058717474_Luxcalor_Swells_2_resized.jpg

  • Hi @luxcalor, thanks a lot for your report with screenshots! Could you please specify what Android version you have? I am now testing it on Android 7.0 in the Waves chart both via Wind layer and via Waves layer and everything seems to be working fine. ~ Marie

    Edit: Btw, you can enter this "detailed forecast info" chart/feature/tab from any layer (e.g. Wind - as you did, Clouds, Waves, etc.) but you cannot have 2 of these charts at the same time - it’s either Airgram or Waves. Also the rotating arrows (Swell, Swell 2, Wind) in the "Waves" chart sometimes overlap on the map, and so there shouldn't be more of them. ... Anyway, we will look into the whole settings again if there is anything that can be done better!

  • Thank you for the detailed answer, @marienka!

    Android version I have this bug in is 5.1.
    It was there since the introduction of the feature.

    All the best

  • Administrator

    @luxcalor So the upper picture is mobile? Which version of Windy App is it?

  • Administrator

    @Marienka Android users have to update Android System WebView to the latest version.

  • @ivo sorry for the late reply.

    The upper picture is android applicaton from play store. As of version 14.4.2 the bug is still there. İt seems like all arrows point in the same direction no matter what location I choose.

    The bottom picture is opened in chrome browser on the same phone in the same location and time. Web version always worked perfectly and does so now. I use the web version all the time now because of this very useful feature, and because it is generally faster. For example, I can open my favorite locations immidiately, which is not possible in the android app.

    I use Meizu m2 note with Android 5.1 and the latest possible firmware update.

  • So, this is Windy android app version 14.4.2 .................... And this is version 14.8.0 .................... At almost the same location and time.

    0_1524058973652_Luxcalor_Swells_3_resized.jpg ... 0_1524058995167_Luxcalor_Swells_4_resized.jpg

    Hope it helps.

    All the best!

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