Maximum precipitation in alerts

  • Please allow us to set an alert for a day without any rain.

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    Previous unresponded thread: Allow a maximum amount of precipation for alerts

  • Hi @petrkrejcik, thanks for your message! This is a good point about "maximum rainfall = 0 mm", I have been thinking about it, too (having a long-term experience with life in Ireland, haha). We will take it into consideration! All the best ~ Marie


  • I am also in favor of this idea.
    But more than this I would love to see the "no rain predicted" option, rather than "rain accumulation". (0 mm rain)

    I use Windy mainly for paragliding analysis. Right now I have some local paragliding spots set as alerts.
    However it is not very usefull, because half of the alerts I get have rain in them.


  • Paraglider

    What the status of this? It would really be very useful. As wind often corealtes with fronta systems I get a lot alerts which are usless for Paragliding

  • Bump on this for the reasons listed above - being able to add a "no rain predicted" condition would be helpful for determining paragliding conditions at a range of sites, thanks - awesome work by the way guys, Windy is the best!

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