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    Hey guys, fantastic app by the way. I am a drone pilot and I use your app regularly for planning my flights, but was wondering if there was a way that you could make the airport indicators more visible when looking for airports. Is there also a way that you could put a "home Point" button on the phone app, so that when you open the app and press the home point, it automatically takes you to "where you are" on the map?

    Keep up the great work :-)

  • Hi @Wayne-Coomer, thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestions, we're really happy that you like Windy! :-)

    • There is no "Home point" button such as the one in a car sat-nav, however, I think you can do with your "Favorites": the one you set up first will always remain on top of the list.
    • Another thing is the "Find my location" button (right at the top of the Menu bar - both on desktop and in the app) - which takes you to "where you are on the map" at that moment.
    • And you can choose your "Start-up location" in Settings (only on desktop) - which should then be synchronized with the homepage (the "house" icon) in the app.
      Please also check this link: https://community.windy.com/topic/5662/start-page-in-android-app

    All the best ~ Marie

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