Low Bandwidth models for sailors?

  • Hi Windy Team. I'm based in NZ and have been watching your site since the beginning - love the higher accuracy ECMWF model which seems to work well over nearby ocean. I'm a sailor and seem to recall there used to be a 'low-bandwidth' option for downloading your data via Satellite phones, and this would become my main weather source offshore if I can download a v ery small bandwidth model. I have looked through menus and old posts and can't find much about this, can you point me at this please? Thanks!

  • Hi @ck999, first of all, thank you for using Windy! While we appreciate your situation, it is no longer possible to download these data (GRIB files) via our app. Sorry about that! ~ Marie

  • Hi Marienka, is it still true that a low BW option does not exist from Windy as Predictwind has? We are starting to do long distance cruising and have been happily using Windy for day sailing in the Med. Any way to keep using Windy to get updates while offshore for days? Thanks, Phil

  • Hi, I would also like to know whether it is possible to continue to use Windy while sailing and using a low bandwidth (100K). Thank you!

  • Sailor

    As @Marienka said, that’s not possible for the following reason:

  • @idefix37 Sorry but I was not asking whether Windy can be used off-line. Just whether it can be used online when connected with a low bandwidth such as on a satellite system.

  • @Marienka what is the lowest bandwidth that can be used for Windy online?

  • @idefix37 hello, do you think somebody will answer my question? Can Windy be used online when connect via a 100kbs satellite system? thank you.

  • Sailor

    Hello François,
    You ask me whether somebody will answer your question ? I do not know :)
    Then you ask about the possibility to receive Windy via a satellite connection offering 100kbps.
    Inmarsat Fleet One that is claimed to provide 100kbps is considered, by Inmarsat, as a broadband device to get internet at sea.
    But to be sure I would prefer to ask a demonstration to a distributor or to contact the manufacturer. I’ve never used this type of equipment, so I can’t give you any assurance that it works, at least with Windy mobile app.
    By the way your first question was about a low bandwidth device, which means for me a satellite phone or similar which allow only to receive GRIB files for weather forecast in addition to calls, sms, email, but no internet connection.

  • @idefix37 Hi, thank you for responding!
    I have tried to use Windy with my Sailor Fleet One system, but it did not work. I do not know if this is because the bandwidth (100Kbs) is too low, hence my question. But I will follow your advise and ask my provider for help. I can however receive GRIB files and I have used them with Predictwind, but Windy is so friendly to use that I wanted to try...all the best, Francois

  • Sailor

    You can’t get Windy probably because of the 100kbps limit of your One Fleet device.
    However do you receive other websites, with mainly text and few images per page? Windy is mainly full screen images with animation which probably require more bandwidth ressources. But I’m not a specialist about these questions.
    Et bon vent sur votre superbe plan Newick !

  • @idefix37 Merci! j'y retourne en Septembre pour faire un tour a Pitcairn...will try again!

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