Different Forecast Between Android App & Web/Desktop

  • Hi there,

    I was talking about the surf for tomorrow with a friend in Bali. And we were clashing while trying to decide and it appears that his Android was showing a different forecast for the same time and area than my web browser Windy.

    Also, what would be more reliable?

    Please, find images attached.


    0_1521905134669_29526535_10156521680539750_550172808_o.png 0_1521905163189_Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 21.58.30.png

  • Moderator

    I can not see differences in the above screenshots.
    Both images show temps. round 25C and light southwesterly winds.

  • | Premium

    I am seeing the same thing between the iOS app and the Web/Desktop.

    I am checking a bunch of random locations and the wind mph and wind gusts are all a little off.

    Does one update more often than the other? Thanks.

  • | Premium

    @LLXC please check if you are using the same weather model on both devices and also check the altitude set to surface. If you experience it again send me screenshots of both devices and also the exact location. Thanks!

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