N00b question : What kind of data for the Boattracker API

  • Hello !

    I would like to make an API to follow the tracking device of a boat and I found this very good looking and nice boattracking app #07


    I was wondering what kind of data I need to add in the API, is there a format ?
    And how to refresh it automatically.
    Where do I send our own GPS data , to which server , and how do I fetch that data ?
    If I need to set up my own server and send GPS data through email (or some other way) which server do you recommend ?
    We're using the Garmin InReach

    Thanks a lot for your help !

  • The data is basically just a set of lat long pairs with some extra variables.
    It is in JSON format. If you look at the code you can see its source. https://api.windy.com/api/boats Open that to see the data in JSON format.
    To refresh it automatically you could just add an AJAX call on a timer.
    Sending you own data can be done in a couple of ways. It either has to be hosted somewhere, or it can be included in the link parameters.
    You should be able to find multiple places where you can host small amounts of data for free. eg a quick google search for json storage and this is the first result. https://jsonbin.io/ But of course you have to upload the data there somehow.

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