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    We do believe, that people in this World should have access to the best weather forecast available. Forecast that is accurate, and that is provided fast. And forecast that is accessible for free, without any restrictions or with advertisement.

    As a matter of safety.

    And yes, we do so.

    As a small group of developers we are working hard to improve Windy every day. To make it faster. To make it more reliable. To provide more data.

    And we also pay for the most expensive forecasting data available. Just to gave them away for free. Because we believe, that this is a good thing.

    And our spirit is fuelled only by dozens of emails kind of “Windy saved my life,” that we receive time to time.

    And yes, we do so.

    We are saving the lives.

    What began as a small hobby project for my kiting friends, emerged into service, that is helping million of users all over the world. But it also grew into small company that has its employees, officess and must pay its bills.

    An yes we do so.

    And our spirit is fuelled by the fact, that people really appreciate how Windy is fast, accurate and without advertisement. Because we believe, that this is a good thing.

    But in order to continue our mission, we need your help.

    Please imagine yourself, how many times have you used Windy. How many times Windy helped you. Imagine how many decision you have made, based on Windy’s forecast.

    In order to preserve Windy as it is and to make it even better, we need your donation.

    Ivo, and his Windy team

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