Now is a good time to replace Storm, the WU app...

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    Weather Underground's Storm app has been my favorite weather app since it came out. Unfortunately, because the Weather Channel bought them, they are replacing that app with a completely inferior one called Storm Radar. There is not nearly as much data, the interface sucks, no front data, no wind data, etc, etc. I could complain all day. Due to this, I have discovered Windy, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the app will eventually be a solid replacement for Storm. Such things as having multiple layers of data—for instance fronts, wind, and radar—don't exist on other apps besides Storm... yet.

    Please work to make a replacement for Storm, and let us all punish the Weather Channel until the end of time!

    Thank you,

    Gregory Scott

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    @meltcow I meant that you cannot have fronts, wind, and radar data display simultaneously in any other app. They had a great, perfect UI, as well... Its such a shame to see the ONE friggin app on a phone that I really love be phased out and replaced with B$ by tacky losers... So upsetting!

  • AGREE with you 100%. The new Storm app is HORRIBLE. I am so very disappointed, because I have depending on layering the maps when we are traveling in our motorhome. If it hadn’t been for the ability to layer, see wind directions, storm cones, etc., I would not have known that we were sitting in the path of a tornado in our motorhome! I need the kind of capability Storm used to provide, and I am deleting the new, useless app.

  • It seems that I am not the only one .Also very disappointed about the new app ,if someone knows a good one that could replace storm radar .PLEASE let us know . A good app like STORM shouldn’t disappear like that.

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