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    Dear users,
    due to the increasing number of requests for resetting a forgotten or non-functional password, let me suggest you these tips on what to do first before contacting us for assistance:

    1. Make sure that the user account you refer to (+ your email address + password) is associated with our (which is completely free of charge and has no "pro" version), and not with some misleading "Windy app" etc.
      We can only provide assistance within our own service, not within competitive services including those that rob our brand.

    2. Make sure that your mailbox has not run out of capacity. In case it has, then even if you're still able to send emails, you can no longer receive ones. Please clean your mailbox and/or try to increase its capacity.
      Of course, we are always happy to help! :) However, there's nothing we can do for you if our emails with instructions and helpful links keep automatically returning to us by the Mail Delivery System.

    In case that none of these steps have helped, please contact me directly at from another email address (that you believe has enough capacity). Thank you! ~ Marie

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