• I love the Windy app! I use it on both phone and tablet (android 7 and 4.4 respectively), but the display & functionality is really different between them. I prefer the phone one, and tried to make the tablet one work the same, but no success. Among other things I cannot find 'Advanced Settings' on the tablet version. Here's details, first screenshots:
    0_1523970490718_tablet.jpg 0_1523970504556_phone-sm.png
    (Tablet and phone resized respectively)

    Phone Windy version: HTML 14.4.2
    Tablet windy version: App 1.04 (??)

    Both downloaded from the app store, and apparently up to date.

    Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, would really appreciate any explanation, but mainly advice on how to tablet-Windy ~> phone-Windy


    EDIT: ok, my imgur rehost didn't work, so images embedded.

  • Hi @cwynd, thanks for your prompt reaction and nice to see you here! As for your tablet, the Windy version 1.04 is the native app, one of the earliest versions. It is available only for Android version 4.4 and earlier. To update Windy to the latest version, you need to update your phone. Older Android doesn't support the technology that we need.

    Funnily enough, on Google Play it looks like you're using 14.4.2. Windy + Android 4.4 (on Transformer Pad), which is a bit confusing.

    I still hope you'll find this answer helpful. Best wishes ~ Marie

  • @marienka Thanks for quick reply! Sorry I think maybe you got them switched: phone is Android 7 (HTML 14,4,2 version); tablet is Android 4.4 and App 1.04.

    I guess my follow up question then is, can I get the nice HTML version on my old tablet (Android 4.4)? I fear I know the answer...


  • @cwynd You're welcome! Actually I understood your message correctly, but the Google Play Console suggests the following: Device Transformer Pad (TF103C) (K010) - App version 1404020 (14.0402) - OS Android 4.4 ... which would rather deny what I wrote in my above reply.

    Anyway, this is the info I got from my colleagues and you can also check it here.

    So yes, you know the answer... :) Good luck with it!

  • @Marienka

    Device Transformer Pad (TF103C) (K010) - App version 1404020 (14.0402) - OS Android 4.4

    It seems Google Play is conflating two devices in that snippet - 1404020 is certainly the version on my phone (Nexus 5 Android 7.1), but TF103C I recognize as the Asus tablet. So I think in fact you were right.

    In any case I have my answer now as you say. Thanks!

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