How to change the "favorite overlays" shown in the UI?

  • API developers

    Using this does not work:'favOverlays',['wind', 'gust', 'rain', 'rainAccu','snowAccu'])

    Does it require some emit/fire call to get the UI to update to reflect this change in the data store?

  • API developers

    I think the problem is that you can't change favOverlays before the OverlaysMenu has initialize and registered its on("favOverlays") event listener. So the key is to modify favOverlays after OverlaysMenu has initialized. I'm not sure what the best event to listen for is, but redrawFinished works for me as shown below.

    var favInitComplete = false;
    // fix url for currents tiles
    W.products.sea.pathGenerator = '{filename}.png';
    W.broadcast.on('redrawFinished', params => {
        if (!favInitComplete) {
  'favOverlays',["wind", "gust", "currents"]);
            favInitComplete = true;

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