Scrolling through time, understanding the flow and interactions.

  • There's many things I love about but there's one thing that I find really difficult (and is the sole reason I continue to pay a subscription to, and that is how difficult it is to scroll through time slots.

    Would it be possible to:

    A) Have the ablity to click hold and DRAG (or tap hold and drag on mobile) over the time slots. Rather than having to aim and click on each one. Clicking and dragging means I can flow backwards and forwards to understand what the weather is doing, without having to take my eye off absorbing the information on screen. Having to stop, refocus on the little bar at the bottom, aim the mouse cursor at the next time slot, then click and let go; might not sound like a lot but it's enough to lose my concentration and not get a "feel" for how the weather is moving/chaning, how the weather systems are interacting and flowing.

    B) I love on the PC how you can use the left and right keys to switch between time slots, this could achieve exactly what I'm talking about as I can watch the weather systems moving and changing without losing focus. The problem is that it jumps 3 hours at a time! Could the jumping be set to an hour? Or even better be part of the customisation options so you can set it to whichever increment you prefer.

    Many thanks


  • Moderator

    Windy visualizes model's forecasts.
    Most models give outputs in 3-hrs forecast periods.
    ICON provides hourly outputs up to 78 h ( 3.5 days) and 3-hourly for larger forecast times.
    Also NAM (CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii) provides hourly outputs.

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