• I am working dredging project at Gwadar, Baluchistan , Pakistan. we cant work in rough weathers. need confirm report how much safe time we have in hand.

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    No one can answer your question directly.
    What are your weather related limits?
    Are you affected by the wind? Is there a wind speed limit?
    Are you affected by rainfall? light? moderate? heavy?
    By thunderstorms?
    By wave height? sea currents?
    By temperature/humidity (discomfort) ? etc

    Windy is not a weather support company.
    Windy is a visualization tool for world's top weather models.

    If windy is the only "weather support" for you,
    you can use Alert feature https://www.windy.com/alerts
    to get weather alerts for Gwadar for making your own (weather related) decisions.

    Btw: 50 km away is Jiwani airport. Meteo people there, may help you.


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    in general, the weather in Gwadar seems to be the same for the next 7 days.
    Clear to partly cloudy, no rain,
    winds from south directions at 10 kts
    increasing on Sunday to 15 gusting 25 kts from southwest direction.
    Temperature steady at 24C (early morning) to 35C (noon hours),
    max 37C on Monday and Tuesday.
    Waves from SW max. in the afternoon 0,5 m till Saturday,
    increasing to 1m on Sun, Mon and Tue.

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    The above forecast is written by a Greek meteorologist,
    who lives more than 2.500 milles far away from you.
    Although I'm not familiar in Pakistani weather, I hope it hepls.
    I'm waiting for any (+ or -) feedback next Tuesday!

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