Bug in iPhone app with Airgram

  • Pilot

    When you want to see the airgram info of any place, you can't because when you change from Meteogram or Basic to Airgram, it pops up and immadiately dissapear then immediately pops up again and then dissapear... and so on to infinity, until I touch on something else, like Meteogram, it stops this infinite loop (appear-dissapear) thing (it's difficult to touch any other thing, because of the application tries to open it countinously, but it's unable to open correctly). So because of this, I think a lot of iPhone users can't use this Airgram opportunity.. I have iOS version 11.3 (15E216), iPhone 7.

  • This bug is already confirmed in following topic: https://community.windy.com/topic/5780/airgram-freaks-out/8

    Report from our user Alexandre Goyet via email:

    Same issue:

    iPhone 8 with last iOS version 11.3.1

    I asked Alex to send us an error console report for more info.

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