• When planning my routes I the Adriatic see (lots of islands close to each other)I need to zoom in. Then the automatic change of maps kicks in and I loose the view of wind speed.
    I would prefer settings which allow also a not automatic switch of maps even if I zoom into details to see bays and narrow passages.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Hi, if you zoom in at full details level the wind speed disappears. But at lower zoom level showing wind speed layer, contours of all small islands are already available.
    Then at full details level to see terrain details, you can click on a place to see the wind speed.


    Finally, you may remember that the best resolution of model forecast is 2.2NM with NEMS and 4.9NM with ECMWF... and so Windy is not a Nautical Chart. You need full details of coasts for your navigation route, but wind speed forecast is more approximate.

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