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    Dear Windy dev team,

    First of all, I would like to thank for this great app and service.

    I've the latest Windy version installed on an Android 6.0.1, and I noticed that the forecasts showed in the widget, does not match any of the models forecasts. Please see the images attached, and look at the rain forecast.


    So, what is the source model used in the widget?

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

  • @Marienka
    Hello i m french
    i use windy on a Samsung cell and Android version 5.0.2.
    The widgets "windy détails" and "windy radar" don t work properly. Only W "day forecast" is OK.
    An error message occur and says : "Windy s'est arrêté " and no display of the widget on the screen.
    Can you fix it ?
    B regards

  • Sailor Moderator

    The widget uses the ECMWF model.

  • Some problems with the widget on Android 9.

    Often the widget hangs after a reboot and the only way to fix it is to remove and re-add it to the screen. I think this happens when the network is not yet available, but I can't say for sure. Seems to happen 80% of the time.

    • wait until network is ready before getting weather data
    • if for some reason the network is not ready, allow the widget to recover from that

    Then there's a UI problem with the "failed to retrieve data screen". If there is older data, this screen should disappear and the old weather data be displayed instead. There can still be a small warning icon that current data is not available, but the way it's now, the whole widget becomes useless when the internet connection is bad. That can be solved better. This is a notable problem, because otherwise the UI is very, very good. So:

    • cache old weather data
    • try to get new data
    • if successful, display new data
    • if not successful, display old data and warning icon

  • 3 cases here:

    1. Widget is blank after reboot. It need app to be open to be refreshed.

    2. Widget gets blank after some time. It's loading after manual refresh.

    3. Widget gets blank by itself or due to reboot but it's impossible to refresh it. Only helps when it's removed and placed back on screen.

    Device Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 64 GB
    Android Version 10,
    Xiaomi MIUI version 11.0.3
    API Level 29
    Security Patch Level 2019-10-01
    Bootloader unknown
    Build ID QKQI . 190825.002 test-keys
    Java VM ART 2.1 .O
    OpenGL ES 3.2
    Kernel Architecture aarch64
    Kernel Version 4.14.117-perf-g8035d1 a (VI 1.0.3.O.QFKEUXM)
    Root Access No

  • Widgets are still garbage. They fail to retrieve data and remain black. Must open the app to get information. Been like this for MONTHS. annoying.... please fix asap.
    Android phone
    Wifi and 4G internet available

  • @Marienka Hi there! I'm experiencing a minor problem with the Windy app. The app's typical dark red round shaped icon is not being displayed. As a result, a grey box in the desktop, and another blue square shaped icon on the apps menu are shown by default. I tried reinstalling the app, but that didn't solve the problem. I have a Sony Xperia Z5 with Android 7.1.1. Thanks!

  • Any chance that the widget problems will be fixed some time soon? Those widget bugs and errors are being reported since 2016 by hundreds of users. It's so sad that you have such a good app but a completely buggy and useless widget. It fails to retrieve data, it fails to refresh, it stays black for hours and it crashes whenever I want to resize it (welcome to the year 2014+, phones can display 5x2 widgets by now, no more need for 4x2 widgets).

    Nokia 6, Android 9

  • I'm facing exactly the same issues. I have also 5x6 grid, Android 9 and widgets crash reliably after switching display orientation. Bit of a shame, but still great app!

  • Please fix the widget update problems!

  • @Marienka said in Widget problems:







    Marienka Apr 2, 2019, 10:38 AM

    Hi Marienka,

    I am also having widget problems, but I am on an iPhone 7+. I'm really frustrated because it seems that the widget only works for me for a day or two and then it loses its mind and goes back to not being able to find anything. I've gone through the list of things to do/try and none of the items are enabled and still the widget fails.

    I was going to update my iOS so I completely removed Windy first. After I updated, I re-re-re-re-installed Windy, but it only worked for about a day and a half. This time, though, I went looking for some sort of log that might be helpful in diagnosing why this widget fails so often.

    I have three "widget-.... log" files zipped up and ready to send you. Its really hard to love an app that you have to completely reinstall every three days. Since I know very little about programming for these mini-platforms, I'm going to need some help getting to the bottom of this, but I am willing to work at it. Now, all I need is a way to upload this zip file to you...

    Thank you in advance for your willingness to help me.

    The particulars of my environment: iPhonne 7+ with 256gb ram, about 200gb free. iOS 13.4.1. Let me know if I left something out that you need...

  • I don't know how to upload the zipped file so, hopefully someone will enlighten me and you folks can stat looking at all the stuff that's being captured.


  • Sailor Moderator

    Save a screenshot (size less than 1Mo) and click here above when you post your message.


  • Administrator

    @junkitt Hello, what location do you have set in settings, is it GPS, IP address or custom location from Favorites?

  • @idefix37 These are not really "pretty pictures" per say... they are the system generated fine print text files generated when something crashes. Was going to send one page of text, but report is not on my phone. Will try from my mac when I get up.

  • @Korina GPS. But I did try using specific weather stations with same result.

  • @junkitt OK, so I opeened ONE of the three files that I had compressed ad counted the number of screen pages I would have to take pictures of... there would need to be 16 screen shots of text. I don't think anyone would want to page through about 50 pages of this:

    ![0_1589227775145_Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 4.07.43 p.png](Uploading 100%)

  • @junkitt first one errored out because it was "too large" 1.4 mb as a png.

    Take two as a jpg.: 970 x 789, 545k:Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 4.14.19 p.jpg

  • @Korina May I please email this zip file to you?? The total size for file is 72K.

  • Administrator

    @junkitt Hi, could you rather upload a screenshot of your widget, what does it say/show?

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